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Since it's obvious that almost nobody reads descriptions i'm just going to post here the some updated rules and old rules:

-some info-

  • This base account was used by 4 deviants a long time ago, only MagicBases is currently using this account. There might be a possibility that we will no longer submit any new bases here... so it would be nice that instead of watching our inactive base account, you go and watch some active deviants. 
  • Btw, i submitted all my previous bases to this account, since i am using MagicBases for original bases now... BEKbases didn't edit any bases that i have submitted here  /i'm writing this because there are quite a few of you that think that BEKbases edited some of my previous bases/
  • Also, on my page on my other account i wrote that NONE of the traced bases are allowed to be used for POINTS or MONEY. That's not right and please stop doing that. /i do allow my original bases to be used for points/money/ 
  • One more thing- if you only put a link to the base i will fav it
  • We do not take base requests. As you can see we didn't post anything for quite a while- so yeah... i might post more original bases on MagicBases tho

-from our id-

  • Please read the description of the base
  • Follow the rules on the base /usually to change the colors of clothes/eyes or to credit someone/ 
  • Credit the base maker, or leave a link to the base in your description 
  • We do NOT own the original images (unless the base is original, which means that we drew it)
  • *IMPORTANT* If you're the original artist, and you don't want your work to be a base, note us and we will remove the base 
  • We will not reply to any comments which say: -the base is sooo cute- etc 

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